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Less Than 24 Hours Remaining to Register for WinchestMidwest!!

With less than 24 hours left to go before our Kickstarter ends I wanted to thank everyone who has already pledged to attend this year's festivities. If you've been thinking about it but are still on the fence, now is your time!! Even if you can't travel to the Hellmouth Wisconsin to be with us, you can still take home our LEGENDARY swag bags for just $10!!!

What comes in your Supernatural Swag Bag? I'm glad you asked!!

First, you'll get an awesome cinch backpack to hold all your swag. This was the bag we gave away at our panel from 2012 DragonCon, your bag will be a bit different. It will still say Supernatural but we might change up the design and color.

This was the swag we gave away at Emerald City Comic Con 2013, and an example of what you'll be getting in the bag. A lanyard that says "Supernatural", a badge ribbon with a saying from the show, a button commemorating WinchestMidwest 2013, a mini-poster containing a bit of art from the show, and a magnet.

All that for just $10? It's a pretty sweet deal!!

Again, thank you to everyone who has pledged!! This really is going to be the best year ever!!
Once Upon A Time - Orphan Hugging
  • ant3ka

WinchestMidwest 2013 Hotel Information

Since we have already funded the Kickstarter...

I thought I would update you guys on some hotel information. We'll be staying at the Staybridge Suites in Madison, and you can book your room at any time by calling the front desk at (608) 241-2300 and asking for the WinchestMidwest block. Rooms are $109 a night.

There are still five days left in our Kickstarter, so you still have a little time to sign up for the convention if you're interested. Remember, you MUST pledge to the Kickstarter if you'd like to join us for a Supernatural weekend of insane good times. After the Kickstarter is complete I'll be sending out emails to all our backers to gather some more information.
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WinchestMidwest Kickstarter is LIVE!!!

I pushed the button! Our WinchestMidwest Kickstarter is now LIVE!!!

Untitled-3 copy

7th Annual Midwest Supernatural Fan-Run Conference
October 11th - 13th 2013
Madison, WI

Your pledge of $50 is your admission to the conference. We'll gather your specifics (screen name, number of years attended, etc) once the project is backed in early September.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If we can't raise the $600 that will cover the hotel conference room, there will not be a WinchestMidwest this year.

Pledge to attend this year's WinchestMidwest at Kickstarter!! Your credit/debit card will be charged on Sunday, Sept 8th.

Please drop any questions you have in the comments below.
Once Upon A Time - Orphan Hugging
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WinchestMidwest Social Media Blitz!!

WinchestMidwest is all over your favorite social media! Follow/add/friend/tweet us on:

Tumblr - http://winchestmidwest.tumblr.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/22082138112/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/winchestmidwest
Website - http://www.winchestmidwestconvention.com/

We will soon be releasing a Kickstarter which is how we'll be managing registration this year. We'll need to get a minimum number of attendees to cover the basic costs inherent in running this little convention. The registration fee is the same as last year, $50, and that includes a fun Supernatural swag bag.

We're not quite ready to release the Kickstarter page yet (give us another day or two), but for now, sit back and enjoy some outtakes from my attempt to make a Kickstarter video.

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Wouldn't it be Wonderful to have Winchest Midwest year round?

For those of us who can't make it to the Saturday Coffee klatch at least?  I am looking for a relatively safe place to discuss my favorite show. One where the Sam/Dean girl war is not a factor, where love of the show is first and foremost and where we can discuss mythology, set design, story trends etc. The friends I made at Winchest Midwest would be perfect.  I could set up a separate LJ if people might be interested, past and current Winchest Midwest attendees if people would be interested.  Or if it is ok with the Convention Organizers maybe we could use this LJ?  Would anyone even be interested?  What does the Convention organizers think?