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And I Am Telling You

WinchestMidwest 2015


April 18th - 19th, 2015
Holiday Inn & Suites Madison West
1109 Fourier Drive
Madison, WI 53717

Registration: $20 (Payable at the door)

If you plan on attending, please fill out the short survey below. Your answers will only be visible to me. Not on LJ? Not a problem. Just email your info to

Poll #2002477 WinchestMidwest 2015


Screen Name you'd like on your badge:

Are you interested in joining us for dinner/happy hour Friday night?


We're keeping things a little more lowkey this year. We're only doing a day and a half with an optional off-site happy hour Friday night. We'll still be packing as much Supernatural-related goodness into our time! We'll have our past attendee favorites like script-to-screen reading, a tarot card reader and tons of Supernatural-focused panels. And new this year will be a very special (phone) guest!

Chad Lindberg, former Supernatural cast member (Ash)
Chad will be calling in on Saturday to answer questions and chat with the attendees.

If you have an idea for a panel you'd like to present, just let me know! I probably won't start putting schedule details together until after I get back from Emerald City (deal with one Con at a time, right? LOL).

I hope to see you all there!
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We get to talk to Dr. BADASS? That's awesome!!!!!

I miss everyone so much and I am going to hug EVERYONE TO DEATH AND YAY.

Also, clearly I will be presenting something. :D
OMG I'M GONNA HUG YOUR FACE SO HAAAAARD!!! Even though the Skype was awesome, there is nothing like real-world glomping.

And hells yeah you're presenting. \o/


4 years ago


4 years ago

YES!!!!!! I may be bringing a friend with! ... and I want to do a panel but have NO IDEA of what to do! Let me think about that.

But in the mean time
dean dance

Get thinking about what panel you'd like to run!
Yay! I've been so missing this!!!!!
Get ready for a crazy weekend of Supernatural shenanigans!
I hope I can come but I am unemployed and probably can't make it. Can I just paypal you the $20

Don't worry about the money, Mary. If you can make it up that's great, if not we'll see you next year. :)
This is exciting! I just got into the show in the last year or so, but didn't have any gatherings nearby!
I hope you can join us!! It is a total Supernatural immersion weekend. :)
I was just wondering who I can contact about a panel idea? I've been studying the practice of Hoodoo and I would love to discuss what Supernatural gets right and wrong about Hoodoo (and Voodoo) practices.
You can email winchestmidwest at, but that panel idea sounds great!
Thanks for the info!

RE: Panel Idea


4 years ago