And I Am Telling You (ant3ka) wrote in winchestmidwest,
And I Am Telling You

WinchestMidwest Social Media Blitz!!

WinchestMidwest is all over your favorite social media! Follow/add/friend/tweet us on:

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We will soon be releasing a Kickstarter which is how we'll be managing registration this year. We'll need to get a minimum number of attendees to cover the basic costs inherent in running this little convention. The registration fee is the same as last year, $50, and that includes a fun Supernatural swag bag.

We're not quite ready to release the Kickstarter page yet (give us another day or two), but for now, sit back and enjoy some outtakes from my attempt to make a Kickstarter video.

Tags: 2013, andie is a weirdo, kickstarter

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