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Calling all Tin Hatters!!!

Ok peeps.  It's about that time when I need to start gathering supplies for making J2 Tin Hat Art at Winchest  Midwest.  Now we are not making cheap-o cheesy tin hats with just aluminum foil.  Oh no, I have lifted this into the realm of ART! 

I made these hats for Dragon Con 2009 and while somewhat heavy, they are quite sturdy and got an onslaught of compliments at the Supernatural Panel.

See how sad Dean looks as he was told he could not keep the hat, nor could Sammy have the red one.

Anyways, what I need is a head count so please let me know if you're interested in playing along.  Also, if you have any pictures of the boys touching each other in a high quality format that you would like to use or see used please email or attach a link in the comments.

Poll #1525200 I want a Tin Hat!

I want an artsy fartsy J2 tin hat!!!

Yes, I want one of my very own.
Nope, I'm against all tin hatters
Ticky boxes!
Wow, can I make a Leverage Nate/Eliot tin hat?
My comment is below.

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