April 7th, 2015

Once Upon A Time - Orphan Hugging
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Well, trillian276709 has been a busy bee and tarted up the WinMid Facebook page. If you're on FB head on over and like us!

If you're interested in running a panel or recieving con-related communications, please enter your name and email in the poll below. Results only viewable by me.

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WinchestMidwest 2015
April 18th - 19th, 2015
Holiday Inn & Suites Madison West
1109 Fourier Drive
Madison, WI 53717

If you're looking to book a room, we get a special $119 a night room rate, I'm still waiting on the code, which I'll post here when I get it.

Any questions? Pop us off an email at winchestmidwest at gmail.com